What is M20 Refills?

We offer a home delivery service of eco-friendly products, supplied in re-usable glass bottles.

Simple & convenient!

At each delivery, we collect your empty bottles and bring you fresh refills.

No subscription!

We take a £5 deposit on your first order that is fully refundable.

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Customer Reviews
  • positive review  I've used M20 for a while,I've swapped my shampoo, hair oil and deodorant. planning to do cleaning stuff soon too. they have been really helpful when I was wanting bigger pot of deodorant and sent me the info for buying direct.Afew months later they contacted me to say they now stock it too!

    Naomi Thomas-Gresty Avatar Naomi Thomas-Gresty
  • positive review  They're friendly and helpful, and deliver to your door. We've only had one delivery so far and it saved us buying a washing up liquid, 3 containers of soap, one shower gel bottle and two bottles of toilet cleaner and a tub of deoderant (most if not all would have been plastic from a supermarket) I hope this is popular in our area and keeps going!

    Catherine Ball Avatar Catherine Ball
  • positive review  fab products and service.. just picked up my 1st order.. highly reccomend!!

    Lisa Tomlinson Avatar Lisa Tomlinson