What is M20 Refills?

We offer a home delivery service of eco-friendly products, supplied in re-usable glass bottles.

Simple & convenient!

At each delivery, we collect your empty bottles and bring you fresh refills.

No subscription!

We take a £5 deposit on your first order that is fully refundable.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
  • positive review  Love the products and the idea. Rose and geranium shampoo and conditioner is lovely.

    Anna Fryer Avatar Anna Fryer
  • positive review  Great idea, good quality products, zero waste!

    Marianna Longo Avatar Marianna Longo
  • positive review  Absolutely love the ethos of this company so thought would give it a try. Shampoo bars don't agree with my hair or scalp so was made up to see they had refillable liquid shampoo and conditioner that's also cruelty-free! Tried out the white lavender and am super pleased! Bonus having it delivered to my doorstep!!! Great products, great service! Thank you 🙂

    Hafsa Mekki Avatar Hafsa Mekki