What is M20 Refills?

We offer a home delivery service of eco-friendly products, supplied in re-usable glass bottles.

Simple & convenient!

At each delivery, we collect your empty bottles and bring you fresh refills.

No subscription!

We take a £5 deposit on your first order that is fully refundable.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
  • positive review  Great idea and although not local to me are willing to let me collect anything I may need!

    Madelaine Clough Avatar Madelaine Clough
  • positive review  Amazing product selection from laundry liquid, to dried food, to soap bars and bin bags. All super eco friendly refills that come with excellent customer service and really speedy delivery. I’ve used them for nearly 2 years now and it’s one of my favourite companies run by a lovely family

    Eleanor Riley Avatar Eleanor Riley
  • positive review  I've used M20 for a while,I've swapped my shampoo, hair oil and deodorant. planning to do cleaning stuff soon too. they have been really helpful when I was wanting bigger pot of deodorant and sent me the info for buying direct.Afew months later they contacted me to say they now stock it too!

    Naomi Thomas-Gresty Avatar Naomi Thomas-Gresty