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Your Zero-waste home delivery service

M20 Refills is the first of its kind in Manchester. We offer a home delivery service of eco-friendly products, supplied in re-usable glass bottles that you can use to refill your existing containers. Better still, we collect the empty bottles when they are finished and bring you fresh refills. Millions of plastic bottles are bought and thrown away each year in the UK, some are recyclable and some are not. We do not claim to be perfect ourselves, we are two normal people who are trying to help others reduce their waste in an easy way. We believe every change you make no matter how big or small is a step in the right direction, and it is never too late to start refilling. 

All of the information you might need can be found on this website but feel free to contact us with any questions, Love from Fanni & Aaron xx

We will continue to use Facebook for news and other important updates.

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The Manchester Refills Company Limited

Trading as M20 Refills

Registration number 11705079

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