Frequently asked questions

How do you fill your bottles? Do you not create waste in the process?

We are very strict about the method we use. All of the products we purchase are bought in bulk and in recyclable containers. When we receive our deliveries the supplier collect the empty containers or boxes and re-use or recycle them.

Is there any commitment involved?

None at all, all that we ask for is a £5 deposit on your first order, This helps to cover the cost of the glass bottles. If you choose not to re-order from us and you do not want to keep the bottles we will return the deposit to you once we receive the bottles from you.

Do you produce the products?

All of the products we supply are purchased from a supplier who only sell eco-friendly products. We do not produce any of our own products.

Where are you based?

Our premises are based in Northenden.

Will you add more products?

Definitely. We are constantly looking for new products to supply and if there is anything you are interested in please let us know. We will update the Facebook page when new products are added.

Do I need to unwrap the dishwasher tablets?

No, the dishwasher tablets are wrapped in a dissolvable wrapper. They do get a bit sticky if they get wet but this does not affect their performance

Do you sterilise the bottles?

Absolutely, all bottles are washed at 70 degrees and fully dried before being kept in clean boxes. We do this with new bottles and between each refill. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we have £2 million public liability insurance provided by Hiscox

Can I refill my own bottles when collecting?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. Firstly, for hygiene and quality control we always use our own bottles to supply products. Secondly, filling bottles is a slow process and it would take too long to do each time a customer arrives.

I haven't received an invoice after submitting an order?

Please check your junk/spam folder and then contact us if there is no sign of the email. From time to time our emails which are sent from PayPal are blocked and we have to send a link separately to your email. Also please check that you supply the correct email address at the time of ordering.

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