None at all. We take a £5 deposit on your first order that includes bottles that are filled by us. This helps to cover the cost of the glass bottles that are kept in circulation. If you choose not to re-order from us and you do not want to keep the bottles we will return the deposit to you once we receive the bottles from you. We do really love and need our bottles back, and we won’t take it personally if you choose not to re-order, so please let us know so we can arrange to collect them.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. For hygiene and quality control we always use our own bottles to supply products.

Absolutely. We wash all bottles in a dedicated washing machine that washes at a high temperature and dries them too. They are then stored in a clean and dry environment.

The majority of our liquid products are supplied to us in 20 litre containers that are collected and re-used by the supplier. Any other packaging is either re-used by us, or recycled. All of our suppliers use packaging that is either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

We carry full public liability and product insurance to the value of £2 million. The certificate can be viewed here.

All of the products we supply have to be bottled in advance, and the food has to be picked too. We can only do this once an order has been paid for otherwise we may end up with liquids and foods that we cannot sell.

When you place an order with us it automatically generates an invoice that we send to you. If an item is out of stock we will remove it from the invoice.

Whilst we have no control over what happens to your order after it has been delivered, if we are delivering significantly more bottles than we are collecting we may ask you to pay for an additional deposit.

Due to safety regulations we cannot accept returns or exchanges on our liquids or foods. If we have mistakenly delivered the wrong product or there is a fault, we will happily exchange it or offer a refund. For packaged products provided it is kept in the packaging without any signs of use we can exchange it at your next order.

Whilst we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the orders are picked correctly, occasionally mistakes will happen. Please notify us as soon as possible and we will offer a refund or apply a credit to your account for your next order.

We will always contact you on the day of delivery to advise you of the delivery window. If requested we can give you a rough estimate based on your number in our route.

We can deliver to most locations, provided there is somewhere to park the van and somewhere that we can leave the order. If you live in a large complex we may ask that you meet the driver outside or in the lobby.

No, provided there is somewhere dry and secure to leave your order you do not need to be at home.

Whilst we regularly receive boxes with our stock deliveries, we don’t receive enough to leave one with each customer. Also, most customers prefer not to receive additional packaging even in the form of a box. On occasion we will leave a box if it’s particularly large order, or if a customer lives in an apartment building and is unable to carry the individual items.

We don’t expect you to use the products at the same rate, so there is no need to return every bottle at your next order.

We would really appreciate it if you can empty the remaining contents and rinse out the bottles at the very least. They are dishwasher safe too. We spend a considerable amount of time washing bottles, so the more you can do the more it will help us.

The bottles we use are fairly expensive as they are very good quality. The deposit helps with the cost of purchasing the bottles and is an added incentive for customers to return them to us. We do have customers who only order once and do not return the bottles, so this charge roughly covers the cost of replacements.

When we first started there was no minimum order. The end result was occasionally delivering 1 or 2 bottles of a product to a customer. Doing this is not economical, nor is it environmentally friendly. The minimum order for customers living in our £1 & £2 delivery zones is £10. For all other zones the minimum order is £20. This excludes the bottle deposit and delivery charges.  Delivery is free when you spend over £40. 

If we are delivering outside of our usual area we may request a higher minimum order. There is no minimum order when collecting from us.

When ordering for collection there is a ‘click and collect’ option at the checkout stage. Once we have received your order you can contact us, or we will contact you to arrange a suitable day/time for collection. We are normally here Tuesday to Thursday during office hours but are out delivering twice a week. Also, if you want to collect food this can only be on a Wednesday with at least 48 hours notice. We collect food orders from Lentils & Lather prior to making our deliveries.