How does it work?

​We have designed this service to be as simple as possible

We ask for a £5 deposit on your first bottle order, this is to cover the cost of the bottles we keep in circulation. The deposit is a one off charge and is the same regardless of how many bottles you order. Should you decide not to order from us again, once the bottles have been returned we will refund the deposit. If you want to keep the bottles just let us know. 


Step 1: Choose your products and delivery/collection preferences via the online order form. An invoice will be sent to you by email which you can pay with Debit/Credit card/PayPal or Bank Transfer (please contact us for the details)*

Step 2: If you have chosen the delivery option, like a milkman we deliver them to your doorstep on your preferred delivery date. If you have chosen to collect from us or one of our collection locations, send an email to and we can arrange your collection directly.

Step 3. If this is your first order, we will deliver your order on the requested date. When you decide to reorder, we will bring your order and collect any empty bottles you no longer need. Please leave the bottles somewhere that we can easily collect them. If you can wash the bottles too this will save us time.

*If you do not receive an invoice within 24-48 hours of ordering please contact us directly

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The Manchester Refills Company Limited

Trading as M20 Refills

Registration number 11705079

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