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The Manchester Refills Company Limited

Trading as M20 Refills

Registration number 11705079

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New delivery charges

We have made some changes to the way we charge for delivery which we think you will welcome!

The new charges are as follows and are based on the distance from M20 2EU;

£1 per delivery within 3 miles

£2 per delivery between 3-5 miles

£1 per additional miles over 5 miles

And the best part? Free delivery on orders over £40 up to 5 miles from us!. Additional miles are charged at 50p per mile.

The minimum order is now £15 within 3 miles, and £20 over 3 miles, so just a slight change there. We have the minimum order to keep the service both economical and as environmentally friendly as possible.


1. £40 order value for free delivery excludes first order deposit

2. Distance is always calculated using the shortest possible route

3. We try to deliver to as many areas possible, but reserve the right to cancel the order if the address is beyond our delivery boundaries.