Oven Cleaner 250ml bottle

Oven Cleaner 250ml bottle


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Product Description

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Available in 250ml or 500ml bottles. 

£0.90 per 100ml


Ecovibe have teamed up with Iron & Velvet to produce this Oven Cleaner, right here in the UK.  It does a great job of tackling kitchen fats, oils & grease.

It uses RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and has up to 70% natural ingredients and is Toxin Free – so no harmful chemicals.  It is 100% Vegan and, as well as being plastic free,  it is cruelty-free.  Ecovibe provide the Oven Cleaner in plastic -free sachets that dissolve in water and we provide it to you ready prepared, in either 250ml or 500ml bottles.


We recommend that you decant it into a spray bottle for ease of application.  It is ready to be used from the bottle: no dilution is needed.  May not be suitable on some paints and plastics: test on small inconspicuous section to confirm suitability.  It has a shelf-life of 1 year.


Sustainably sourced palm oil derived soap, C12-15 Alcohol Ethoxylate and Isopropyl Alcohol at less than 0.4% and Monoethanolamine at less than 0.01%